The Apollo Series Dominion System, #ASD210K


Ten Year Manufacturers Warranty on tanks. Five Year Manufacturers warranty on control valves.

  • Whole house 20 micron sediment pre-filter to protect carbon beds.
  • Two Whole House 10″x 54″ GAC and Catalytic Carbon filters with a sytem total of 4 cubic ft. aggregate Granular Activated Carbon and Catalytic Carbon.
  • One Whole House 10″x 54″ High Capacity 42,000 grain Water Softener with salt saving smart meter and KDF Media which Prevents bacteria growth and reduces Heavy Metals.
  • Under-sink RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system.

Designed for the reduction of Taste, Odor, Heavy metals, fluoride, Chlorine, chloramines, Disinfection byproducts, THM, PFCs, PFOS, PFOA, PFAS Organic Contaminants including Pesticides and Herbicides. Ideal for moderate flow rates associated with medium size families.

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