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Ensure your water is pure and safe by actively employing a whole house water filtration system to combat the onslaught of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. 

Protect your health by filtering out aggressive chemicals like chloramines, chlorine, and their byproducts, including trihalomethanes.

Defend against the dangers of heavy metals such as chromium and lead, and persistent pollutants like PFAS (including PFOA) and glyphosate. 

Proper water filtration will bring an end to these invisible threats. Start your journey to safe and clean water today!

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Enhance your entire home with an all inclusive whole house water filter system, or compliment your existing system by adding the equipment you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually the answer is no. People don’t realize the amount of space needed for a whole house Reverse Osmosis water filtration system. Most systems need 300 gallon storage tank with a re-pressurization pump and a pressure tank. That along with pretreatment system incorporating GAC, Particulate and water softening. Unless your well water is spewing salt water a whole house RO is not a good option.

Prices will vary depending on many factors such as:

  • What quality of water is desired?
  • What are the problems with the water?
  • How many people in the household?
  • How large is the home?

These are some of the many factors that affect water system pricing.

The best filter is determined by the desires of a customer. All of our filters are made in the USA, so the quality is unmatched. How pure do you want your water is the main determining factor.

Water filters for whole house start at $795 and go up from there. 

Yes we have salt free systems

Some systems require little-to-no maintenance while others require some. The most common being a filter change which is easy enough for most customers to handle themselves.

Yes, some water systems do require salt as a component of their standard operation.

We have systems for whole house and drinking water fluoride reduction.

Yes we have many systems designed to remove PFAS and PFOA.

Most of our water systems can be installed in the garage or on the side of the house. We have space saving RO systems for undersink installation.

Yes, most of our water filtration systems can be installed in the garage.

Yes, all of our whole house systems are designed and built right here in the USA. Our space saving RO is built in the USA also.

Yes, there are different types of carbon filters! I use what’s called “Coconut Shell Acid Washed GAC and Catalytic Carbon”, which is GAC with an additional treatment.

Catalytic Carbon (CC) is a specific variety of activated carbon that has had its surface modified by high-temperature gas processing. This treatment significantly increases the carbon’s catalytic properties – its ability to promote and accelerate chemical reactions without undergoing permanent chemical changes itself.

The most popular carbon filter we offer is a combination of catalytic and coconut shell GAC. 

There is also a silver impregnated GAC which is good for well water as it inhibits the propagation of bacteria, molds and virus.

Good question! Most Reverse Osmosis units take three-to-four gallons to produce one drinkable gallon.

The Water-on-Water unit has no back pressure to fight against it so it produces at a much better rate, at about 1 to 1, meaning very little waste compared to traditional R.O. systems.

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I ordered my carbon filtration system over a year ago and am very happy with it. I spent months researching Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems and other products, and decided this was the best option for me. Paul helped me find a local technician to install the system and replace the filter when needed. Since installation, I have had no issues with salt build up, rusty water, sulfur smell, or dry skin. So grateful I went with Authentic Water USA! Thanks again Paul!

Kellie E., Homeowner

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